Thursday, June 28, 2007

Garden under attack!

My leaves have holes on them! They are on the bean plants, tomato plants, sunflowers, even in the mint! Evidently I'm facing an enemy with a big appetite!

This is the main suspect at the time. I found 5 of them hiding under bean and tomato plants leaves (needless to say, I helped them move on to their next life).

I'll keep on checking on the plants to catch these little buggers before they do too much damage or become bigger. Any advice?


CoastalCAGardener said...

Actually, you are doing exactly the right thing. Keeping an eye on the plants for more of their cousins, and dispatching them as quickly as possible. The only organic product I know of in the states that deals with lepidopteran larvae (butterfly/moth larvae) is Bacillus thuringiensis. But I'd only go that route if they are really overwhelming your plants (in other words a few holes won't matter in the long run).

Nice to find your blog. Thanks for listing mine. I'm hoping to get back to writing really soon. Love the pictures of the bean flowers. They are lovely. I let my lettuce bolt once in a while just to see the pretty blue flowers.

Best Regards,

Katie said...

I usually do a nightly hunt with a flashlight to catch the little guys in action. I always carry a jar full of soapy water and plop them in! Problem solved without chemicals of any kind (other than the soap I suppose...)

blueblue said...

Hi,I'm also a new blogger. And I can't believe how beautiful the dwarf bean flowers are...same green grubs eating my plants too LOL.

nomadu said...

Everyone likes to eat I'm afraid.