Wednesday, June 13, 2007


This is what my beans and lentils looked like yesterday morning. Poor things were really crowded! (You can't see the lentils on the right so clearly, but believe, it was getting bad).

The thing is I've been so busy with college that I didn't have time or energy to go get some small stones to put on the bottom of the pots to help with the drainage. I kept saying "I'll do it tomorrow". Yesterday I finally did it!

I only potted 3 of the beans (the healthiest looking) because our balcony is getting really crowded and we need to save space for other things too!

Using the space left from the beans, I let the lentils have more space. I also had to throw some of the lentils. I figure is better to have 4 comfy lentils than 8 overcrowded ones... But I felt so guilty throwing them away!
They are not looking very healthy... A little pale. But I hope this new space will make them feel better.

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Melissa said...

It's roughly a year after your lentil adventure and I'm curious as to how they turned out? My boyfriend is lentil crazy - he would eat lentils everyday if he could (I'm hoping this year long phase doesn't last much longer, ugh). But being a supportive girlfriend, I'd love to start growing lentils undercover at my apt and kind of give them to him as a surprise gift. I know I'll never be able to grow enough lentils to suffice his lentil needs, but I know he'll love the gesture :0)